Setting Up a MakerSpace

So you are interested in setting up a makerspace?! Congratulations on taking the first step by doing some research. If a makerspace is properly set up and introduced, it can be a great tool for igniting student imagination and curiosity as well as building classroom community. Unfortunately, if the makerspace has not been set up with the students in mind, it will not be the student-centered and student-driven space it needs to be.

The Best STEM Challenges for Easter

Easter is such a fun time of year in the classroom. There are so many educational activities that can be done around those little plastic eggs, Peeps, and jelly beans. While I don't particularly care to eat jelly beans or Peeps, they do make for a great STEM activity!

The following are four engaging classroom STEM activities that are perfect for the Easter season.

Making the Most of Your MakerSpace

A makerspace is a place in a classroom, library, or other common area of a school where students are encouraged to create, tinker, explore, discover, and invent using a variety of tools and materials. Effective makerspaces have been shown to foster peer-to-peer interaction as well as help students build confidence and take ownership of their learning. With so many benefits to the makerspace it is no wonder why they have taken off.

April STEM Activities

April is the perfect time to add some hands-on STEM fun to your classroom curriculum. The following activities are some of my favorite Earth Day and spring inspired STEM activities that are sure to get students engaged!

What to Focus on in your TpT Store

During our time on TpT, we have seen consistent growth. We don't believe this is an accident. We have focused on improving and refining 3 points of our store that are now paying significant dividends. 

The 3 points are simple and obvious to understand, but we continue to take time and patience to improve and master. The goal of each of these is to bring greater clarity to your resource. 

How to Organize a Winter Games STEM Competition in Your Classroom

The Winter Games begin next month and the learning opportunities for students are endless! One activity that is sure to ENGAGE is hosting a STEM Winter Games competition in your classroom.

To begin students will need to be placed into groups of 2 or 3. Assign each group a country participating in the Winter Games or let students choose their own country. Have students research their country and present their findings to the class.

Engage Students in the New Year with STEM

The new year is always a great time for teachers to reflect on the school year. What things are going well in your classroom? What aspects could use some improvement?

Are students engaged in learning? Are they collaborating with one another and using problem solving skills on a daily or weekly basis? 

Have you tried STEM in your classroom? If not the new year is the perfect time to get on board with STEM!